The new EU regulation regarding medicine for animals

Den nye EU-forordning vedr. medicin til dyr

On 28 January 2022, a new EU regulation entered into force regarding medication of pets. The purpose of this EU regulation is to standardize EU guidelines for the use of medicines for pets. The outcome must, among other things, would like to reduce the spread of antibiotic resistance, but also other forms of medicine, given and prescribed by the vet, must be harmonized in the new legislation. It has an impact on pet owners, but to a large extent also on vets around the EU.

In the following, we will provide an insight into the consequences of the EU regulation:

For you as a pet owner:

Will all prescriptions written before January 28, 2022 be invalid
Are antibiotic prescriptions to treat infections only valid for 5 days
You can no longer use prescriptions for medicines that are manufactured for human use

The invalid prescriptions:

Prescriptions issued before 28 January 2022 are invalid, as it is now a requirement that the age of the animal is stated and that there is information about the active substance in the medicine. You must therefore have new prescriptions after the aforementioned date. According to the new regulation, it is necessary to book a new consultation with your veterinarian. To make the process faster for you and easier for the staff in the veterinary clinics, you can write in the subject field of an email that it concerns a prescription, attach a photo of the prescription (or write the name, address, the name of the animal and the medicine in question it concerns) and the telephone number on which the vet can contact you.

According to the new regulation, the use of human medical preparations has been restricted. In addition, the veterinarian no longer determines the duration of the treatment, but instead it is determined by the approval of the product. It is therefore now a requirement that the vet must attend to the pet if there is a need to extend a treatment.

If you own a rabbit - read along here

Rabbit owners are hit harder than other pet owners, since, after the EU regulation has entered into force, the rabbit is categorized as a production animal, which is in the same category as, for example, cows and pigs. Horses are in principle also production animals, but this can be taken out by having paper stating that the horse is not to be used to be eaten. This possibility does not occur for the rabbit, even though we in Denmark have the most pet rabbits who live their best rabbit life. For you as a rabbit owner, this means that you must have a medicine-handling course, which you can get at a veterinary clinic. Before the medicine is prescribed for your rabbit, it is therefore a requirement that the vet asks if you as a rabbit owner have such a course.

This new regulation may seem a bit inflexible and cumbersome to some, which several veterinary clinics are also aware of. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, the Danish Medicines Agency and the Danish Veterinary Association are trying to overcome some of these problems caused by the regulation.

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