Coronavirus and my pet - corona - COVID-19

Coronavirus og mit kæledyr - corona - COVID-19

Is coronavirus dangerous for my pet?

The good currently is that there is currently no evidence that one's pet, whether it is a dog or cat, can be infected by the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

There is also, while this post is being written, nothing to suggest that one's pet can spread the coronavirus, e.g. via the fur.

Although several animal species, such as dogs and cats, have their own species-specific coronavirus, this variation of the coronavirus has nothing to do with the novel coronavirus COVID-19. So you should therefore not be worried that you will be infected with the coronavirus, which only occurs in dogs and cats, and if you are in doubt, you can contact your vet or the Danish Food Agency .

Having said that, even if there is no proof that your pet can transmit the infection with the coronavirus COVID-19, you must be very careful and remember good hand hygiene, especially when it comes to contact between a person who is infected with coronavirus COVID-19 and a pet.

So if you are ill with the coronavirus COVID-19, you should avoid contact with your pets as much as possible, but you must also have in quantity that the government currently sees everyone as potentially infected, so it may not make sense to let others look after your pet. But if you are infected, you should have a talk with your vet about how you should behave.

Then it may be possible for others to look after your pet until you are well again.

If you are infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 and your dog or cat needs to go to the vet, tell your vet and see if you can get others to take your dog or cat to the vet. But again, talk to your vet before you show up at the clinic.

If you suspect that animals have been infected with COVID-19, you must contact the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration , which handles the Danish preparedness in connection with infectious diseases in animals.

Questions regarding your own illness and precautions should be directed to the Danish Health Authority , where you will also find the latest updates and guidelines on COVID-19.

And you can read more on the Danish Veterinary Association's website about how to behave when it comes to the coronavirus COVID-19 and your pet

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