Coronavirus - Covid-19
What does this mean for my pet and what about the walks?

Coronavirus - Covid-19<br>Hvad betyder det for mit kæledyr og hvordan med gå-turene?
Yes, it has come to light via the Belgian authority FPS Public Health, according to The Brussels Time , that a Belgian woman has infected her cat with the coronavirus - Covid-19.

And in that context, we thought it would be appropriate to ask one of our vets how you should behave around your dogs, and therefore we have spoken to the vets from Videbæk animal clinic about this and Lisa Michelsen, who is a vet and co-owner of Dyrlægehuset Videbæk .

We have asked these questions to Lisa Michelsen, who is a veterinarian and co-owner of Dyrlægehuset Videbæk and she has come up with these answers, which we hope answers some of your questions :

Is it still ok to let your dog out in the kennel or should you find other walks at this time?

If the dog is used to going to the kennel at home in private, then you can easily continue to let the dog out as usual.

With regard to walks, and e.g. walks in the dog forest and other places where other people and animals are, the recommendations must be that as far as possible you keep your distance from other animals and people, as there is a theoretical risk of viruses being transmitted from dog to dog via fur etc.

Does my dog ​​have to keep his distance from other dogs, or is he allowed to greet other dogs as usual?

The recommendations are that you take a break with dogs greeting each other. Just as we humans have to keep social distance right now, this also applies to animals, since as described earlier there can be a theoretical risk of viruses being transferred from animal to animal via the fur, dog harnesses etc. The risk is very small, and you must therefore do not panic if the dog has run with another dog.

Can my dog ​​greet people passing by?

No, in this day and age there is no reason to run the risk of letting your dog greet a stranger. As you can read about on our latest FB post, 1 cat and 2 dogs have currently tested positive for COVID-19 worldwide.

Is it important that I wash my hands before and after petting my dog ​​when it is only with me?

Viruses are spread mainly by droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

It is important to point out that there is still no evidence that family animals, including pets such as dogs and cats, can spread the virus to humans - for example by petting your pet. However, there is still not much knowledge about this particular area.

If an infected person has sneezed or coughed on the fur of your pet - and you then pet the animal and bring your hands up to the eyes, nose or mouth - it is theoretically possible, however, to be infected indirectly from your pet. Although there is no evidence that pets play a role in transmitting infection with COVID-19, strict hand hygiene should be maintained throughout the interaction with the animal, especially if it is an animal that has been in contact with an infected person.

At present, it is still unclear how easily COVID-19 survives in the environment and spreads between people.

You can stay up-to-date on the Danish Health Authority's website with regard to new information about the spread of COVID-19.

Would it be a good idea to give my dog ​​a bath a few times a week?

Unless your dog has a skin disease or other reason for frequent fur washing, we do not currently consider it necessary to bathe your dog to reduce infection with COVID-19.

What symptoms will I see in my dog, should it get corona and what should I do?

There is still no information from the veterinary authorities about which symptoms could possibly occur in dogs if they were to get COVID-19.

What about other pets, such as birds, rabbits etc. Does the same apply here?

Unfortunately, there is not much information available from the veterinary authorities either. No signs of disease or infection from birds, rabbits and other pets have been found at the moment.

In general, however, it applies to all animals that the general hygiene rules apply, both before and after handling the animals.

If you yourself are infected with coronavirus, it is recommended that these conditions be tightened, and that you reduce your contact with the pet, and for example get others to look after the animal instead if this is an option.


Lisa Michelsen | Veterinarian, DVM
Veterinary center Videbæk

Ørnevej 1
6920 Videbæk
Phone: 97175040

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them below and we will do our best to answer them - but we make no promises, as all vets are REALLY busy at the moment.

But read possibly our second post about the coronavirus - COVID-19:

Yours sincerely

Jacob N. Masters |

Questions regarding your own illness and precautions should be directed to the Danish Health Authority , where you will also find the latest updates and guidelines on COVID-19.

And you can read more at The website of the Danish Veterinary Association about how to behave when it comes to the coronavirus COVID-19 and your pet

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus - Covid-19
What does this mean for my pet and what about the walks?

Lisa Michelsen

Hej Søs,

Det er altid en vurdering fra gang til gang som må afgøre hvilke forholdregler der gør sig gældende.

Jeg synes at du er super ansvarlig når du netop stiller dette spørgsmål, taget i betragtning af at du nok glæder dig helt vildt til at få din lille hvalp hjem.

Vi ved endnu ikke hvordan situationen ser ud i Danmark efter påske, -så hvis det er en mulighed at du ser tiden an dertil, så vil mit råd nok være at du gør det.

Når du så skal afhente din hvalp, -så synes jeg du skal være meget opmærksom på at holde den anbefalede afstand til sælger, og sørge for at du selv møder op helt symptomfri og rask.
Vær grundig med din håndhygiejne både før og efter afhentning af hvalpen.
Ofte vil der være en masse praktisk man lige skal have styr på i forbindelse med overdragelse af hvalpen, og dette kunne man jo overveje om man skulle tage over telefonen inden afhentning.

Held og lykke med din lille nye hvalp når den kommer hjem 😊

Venlig hilsen

Lisa Michelsen
Dyrlæge, DVM

Dyrlægehuset Videbæk
Ørnevej 1
6920 Videbæk
Tlf: 97175040

April 1, 2020 at 12:52pm
Søs Lundsfryd

Jeg skal overtage en hvalp om knap 14 dage og som har været meget i gode hænder hvor der er nu. Hvordan skal jeg tage mine forholdsregler når jeg henter hvalpen ?

April 1, 2020 at 10:18am

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