Calming for dogs & cats on New Year's Eve

Beroligende til hunde & katte nytårsaften

Help your dog or cat safely into the new year

So it is unfortunately - at least too many dogs and cats, again time for the new year to be brought in, fortunately with the new laws, there is not as much "bang and bang" as there has been, but there is still a lot and therefore it's also the time when many dogs and cats walk around suffering from anxiety.

Fortunately, there are many anti-anxiety agents that you can use, and several of them can be bought over the counter. If your dog/cat suffers from severe anxiety, we recommend that you talk to your local vet and find the right remedy for your dog/cat.

As I said, the over-the-counter preparations you can get today are often enough and that is why we have also chosen to give you some sharp prices on these products, so that you can help your dog or cat well into the new year 😊

You will find several different over-the-counter preparations that can prevent and help your dog or cat with anxiety on New Year's Eve or when you are not at home here:

Calming for dogs & cats on New Year's Eve
Remember, when you shop at osmedkæ , you are shopping in a 100% Danish company and at the same time you are supporting Danish vets.

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