Walking the dog

At gå tur med hunden

It may seem reasonable to have to go for a walk with the dog, but it can be an art to behave considerately around other people and dogs. We have therefore put together a guide on how to do it below.

First of all, it is good to be generally considerate of others you meet on your way when you walk your dog. Not everyone finds it safe to be around dogs, so to be safe, call your dog to you. It seems safe and considerate towards strangers.

Let other people ask if they can greet your dog, no matter how lovely and happy your dog usually is.

One of the most important tips when you have your dog out among other people is that you can call your dog to you. You can practice by training with your dog alone or go to dog training at, for example, Foderboxen's dog training.

If you strive to get a friendly and comfortable dog out for a walk, it may be a good idea to socialize and train it in the environment. You can advantageously socialize your dog from when it is a puppy, as the world is big and there are many impressions everywhere.

What language does your dog speak?

The dog's language can be seen as a body language, where eyes, ears, tail, head and attitude have a meaning. It can be a good idea to watch your dog, that way you can avoid conflicts or other types of discomfort in connection with your dog's behavior. However, it is important to see the differences in all dogs.

The dog's personality is also an important factor to consider. How does your dog act in the company of others - both in the company of dogs as well as in the company of people? Does your dog get nervous or insecure? In any case, it is in the best interest of both you and your dog to go to free-running areas or dog woods when you and your dog are ready to meet other dogs.

Get your dog trained by rewards - if your dog does something desirable, you can give treats, if he doesn't, you can avoid giving treats. Do not speak in an unnecessarily harsh tone to your dog and of course physical punishment is not something you should use either. Train your dog throughout its life, so you maintain security and trust between you. You can also get professional help if you have difficulty training your dog yourself or if your dog is acting in an unwanted way.

If your dog shows aggression, nervousness or disobedience towards you, it may also be a good idea to go to dog training. It is best to deal with behavior problems in your dog quickly so that a pattern does not develop.

Your dog's needs must be met, so that both your dog and you thrive in your relationship with each other - based on needs such as activation, contact and experiences, for example. It is very important that your dog is active, and it is therefore better to contact family or friends to have that need met. Unwanted behavior in your dog is often due to too little activity in everyday life.

Finally, it is important to always comply with regulations regarding dogs. Keep your dog on a leash if a sign appears. Always pick up dog excrement in a bag - your dog's excrement can transmit diseases to other dogs.

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