Everything you should know about caring for rabbits

Alt hvad du bør vide om pasning af kaniner

Many people choose a rabbit as their family's first pet, as it is an animal that is cute and furry, can be very petted and is relatively easy to look after. A rabbit is in many ways perfect as a pet for children – and it is also affordable for you as a parent to take over if the interest in looking after the rabbit does not last. Here you can read everything you need to know if you are considering getting a rabbit.

Rabbits are social animals

Many people choose an outdoor solution for the rabbit for practical reasons, but it is worth considering whether there is room for the rabbit inside. Rabbits are social animals and want to feel absolutely best in the vicinity of the "pack". Alternatively, you can consider getting two rabbits so they can keep each other company.

Neutering can come into question if several rabbits are to go together, but it is not always necessary.

Rabbits bite everything

A rabbit is curious by nature, and it likes to use its teeth to investigate new and exciting things – such as wires, for example. Therefore, make sure to store such things out of the way so that no accidents occur before your rabbit is released on the floor.

Rabbits can become clean

It is in the nature of rabbits that they have a "toilet". Typically it will be in the same corner of the cage, which is why it is a good idea to have a toilet tray here that can be emptied easily and quickly. Help your rabbit on its way to becoming clean by putting litter in the tray and move the rabbit in there if accidents happen elsewhere.

Neutering may be necessary to make a rabbit clean.

A healthy rabbit is a happy rabbit

Make sure you buy proper rabbit food that is rich in oils and nutrients that are good and important for rabbits. And in addition, offer greens every day in the form of, for example, salad, dandelions, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, etc. Make sure to play and pet your rabbit every day and feel free to take it on outings in the garden.

Watch the rabbit's teeth

A rabbit's teeth grow throughout its life and it needs to be sharpened regularly. In the wild, this is done by eating coarsely, but as pets they are typically fed finer food in pill form, and this is not enough to grind the teeth sufficiently. It also does not require the side-to-side movement that grinds the teeth the most. It is therefore important to supplement with harder feed such as carrots, celery and cabbage and to offer the rabbit free access to hay, as this i.a. is an important source of good teeth in a rabbit. Should it happen that teeth become too long, it is associated with great pain, and you should therefore go to a vet.

One of our lovely users on Facebook has also nicely made us aware that you have to be careful with the carrots, as they contain a lot of sugar - which also applies to us humans :-)

Your rabbit needs you

A rabbit needs contact with people to get used to people and to be petted. In short, this means that if you take the time to pet and play with your rabbit, you will end up with a cuddly and happy rabbit that jumps to meet you when you get home from work. In principle, a rabbit can be just as cuddly as a cat. Conversely, you will get a human-shy and unhappy rabbit that may bite if you don't spend time with it.

Rabbits are playful

A rabbit is a social and to some extent intelligent animal that likes to play and explore. Create some little cozy nooks and make sure there are toys for your rabbit, and hide some treats in a hay ball or wooden tunnel to challenge it.

Inside or outside

Rabbits should live indoors at least during the winter months, but preferably all year round, so that they can be part of the family. However, it is a good idea to have an outdoor enclosure where the rabbit can play and eat grass on days when the weather permits.

The rabbit's cage

Be sure to buy a cage with plenty of room for your rabbit and buy or make burrows for it, as rabbits live in burrows in the wild. Leave hay at the bottom of the cage for the rabbit to eat and snuggle in. The cage should be changed 1-2 times a week and the toilet tray should be changed daily. However, you quickly discover if the cage needs to be changed, as it starts to smell.

And remember that a cage is only for accommodation, a rabbit needs space and therefore should not sit in its cage all day. A cage is a place where it can seek safety, sleep if it wants to, etc. If you are thinking of getting a rabbit, remember that it must have LOTS of space and exercise.

Remember the water

A rabbit is typically offered water from a drinking bottle that sits on the side of the cage. This is a really good idea as it ensures that the water stays clean. Buy a large bottle and watch that your rabbit does not empty it. Change the water once a day. A rabbit cannot absorb feed properly without water and can drink up to ½ liter daily if it is hot.

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