Are those pink budgies??

Er det lyserøde undulater??

Our species is very similar to budgies, we are small and fine, very quiet, the people who hear us say we have a nice soft chatter, a little “Tweet” sound, and then we have many more tail feathers than the budgie

We'll be about 15 years old and only about 19-23 cm, so we don't think we're small, but that's what Raphael (Brille Amazonen in the store) says we are!

We eat millet and grass mixtures. We tend to eat and talk most at sunrise and at sunset. We have a sweet/soft little "tweet" sound, but we are quite quiet by nature. Males have blue foreheads, while females have little or no blue coloration.

We are very intelligent and sociable birds and we love our daily bath. We love, for the most part, fresh fruit and vegetables.

No, we are not budgies, we are 2 beautiful little Rosa Bourke's parrots or also known as Bourke's parakeets. We are originally from Australia and are budgies.

Note from Foderboxen:

It is a breed that the foderbox can highly recommend, they are small and sweet and have a pleasant temperament. They are available both as voile birds and can also be bought hand-fed.

with best regards

Katja N-Masters | Certified Pet Dealer

2 thoughts on “Are those pink budgies??

Irene. Birkekjær

Tak for en konkret beskrivelse af lyserøde bourkes. Har lige købt et er meget smukke.har fået stort indebur til dem i vinter, til sommer skal de i udendørs voiliere. Glad for at de kan blive så gamle. Godt nytår .irene b

February 20, 2020 at 10:02am

hey..hvor håndtamme og menneskeselskablige er de som enkelte og par/flere ?

August 7, 2016 at 20:31pm

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