The dog and the cat must have a good time this Christmas <|:o)

Hunden og katten skal have det godt i julen <|:o)

Yes. The dog and the cat must have a good time at Christmas, if they make it through the food festival of Christmas temptations unscathed...

In this post, we will highlight the things to watch out for. There will be many more and we hope you will help us find them, you can write it in the comment field.

1) Poinsettias can be dangerous for cats to eat, so make sure it doesn't eat them by either seeing if catnip will persuade it or simply don't have them.

2) Chocolate is everywhere at Christmas, be extra careful where you put bowls of chocolate, this can give the dog stomach cramps, an upset stomach and vomiting... But it can also affect the heart function, which in the worst case can give the dog serious heart problems.

3) If you bake with yeast, be careful the dog does not eat the dough while it is rising, because the dog gets full from eating this and gets a stomach ache.

4) Christmas decorations are for some dogs and cats fun toys, be extra careful with glass and metal Christmas decorations, as this can injure your pet, so the fun play can end in a trip to the animal hospital.

5) The roast duck is a delicious temptation, but be careful where you put the duck fat and the legs from the duck, because if you put the fat in a bowl to cool down somewhere the dog can eat it, it will be too fat for the dog and it may vomit and very sick in the stomach. Get the legs from the dog completely out of the house, so that the dog does not get to steal them from, for example, the rubbish bin. The legs can get stuck in the throat.

And just a bit of rodent info: almonds are deadly for animals, as many of them contain hydrocyanic acid. This acid accumulates in the body and eventually this can kill, for example, the hamster.

A good gift idea for the dog, which you are sure will not cause a stomach ache, could be a bag of Hill's Science Plan food , which is adapted to your dog's breed and age.

So think about what you put where this year, and remember to have a fantastic Christmas <3

Yours sincerely

Katja N-Masters | Certified Pet Dealer

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Dejlig alsidig OBS post
Zorro er nu ret glad for and, men man kan jo give pluk af kød og indvolde, med kun lidt fedt, sammen med lidt grønt, det funger.
og husk nu at fortælle børne hvad dyrene ikke må få… har prøvet en der ville give min tidligere hund chokolade!!!

December 11, 2016 at 03:02am

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