When is it too cold for rabbits and guinea pigs?

Hvornår er det for koldt for kaniner og marsvin ? 

When is it too cold for rabbits and guinea pigs to be in their outdoor cages?

That's a really good question! In fact, guinea pigs have to go inside in the winter or have a good and frost-free shed they stand in, like in a zoo, but rabbits can, yes they can manage outside all year if you leave them outside 24/7.

When do I have to decide?
As soon as the temperature drops to less than +10 degrees at night, it is time to make the decision, should the rabbit stay outside or should it go inside. The reason is that the rabbit must form undercoat to withstand the winter, and it must have time for this.

If you make the decision that the rabbit will stay outside all winter, then this is also where you will primarily have fun with and about it.

Can I take it in and play with it?
You can take it inside, but for a maximum of 10-15 minutes, otherwise it will start to sweat and then when it comes out again, it can get sick.

In addition, it also acclimatises. So make the decision, should it be in or out this year?

When can I put my indoor rabbit out again?
When the winter is over and it's +10 degrees again at night, the indoor rabbit can start quietly being outside again, but not before the weather is stable at around 10+ degrees and the decision is made as to whether it should have fun inside with you for winter must be taken every autumn :)

Hope you found the article informative :)

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