Paw wax - YES THANK YOU! ...because it hurts the paws!!

Potevoks - JA TAK! ...for det gør ondt på poterne!!

Winter is upon us, and that means road salt on the streets. By using paw wax and following other good advice, you can avoid painful damage to your dog's paws - as well as expensive vet bills!

When winter is upon us and the cold weather brings snow and sleet, salt is applied to the roads and pavements. Both private and public bodies together get the salt, which corresponds to one kilo of salt per person. square meters of road. Although we humans can feel it by the fact that the roads are hardly as smooth and we can get around more safely on our two legs, it is unfortunately not as great a success for our four-legged best friends.

The salt can both dry out your dog's paws, which can then crack, and penetrate between foot pads and other small scratches. These factors can contribute to your dog getting sores and tears under its paws. When these again come into contact with all the road salt that is spread on the streets and alleys, it hurts your dog incredibly! Some start to shake and lick the paw(s), and if it's really bad, it may be that your dog doesn't want to go for his daily walks at all.

If the fact that your dog's paws have been exposed to road salt has resulted in it getting sores on the footpads, you may need to see a vet, as untreated wounds can become inflamed, which is very painful for your dog. If this doesn't scare you, think about the wallet. A consultation alone can cost DKK 500. If the dog then needs further treatment and needs other remedies to spare the sore paws, it can quickly add up to over DKK 1,000 for a single visit to the vet.

However, there are several things you as a dog owner can do to prevent any damage to your dog's paws. These include, among other things:

  • Use paw wax on your dog's paws before you go out for a walk. This can be bought as a cream or stick , which is quickly and easily applied to the dog's paws.
  • Let the dog walk on the grass, as its paws here will be more spared from the road salt, and generally use grassy areas for airing your dog as far as possible.
  • Use gravel instead of salt in front of your house. Salt makes the surface very cold, which can be uncomfortable for your dog to walk on.
  • Rinse the dog's paws in lukewarm water after you have been out for a walk, and be thorough so that you get all the salt off, and lubricate the dog's paws again with paw wax or, even better, paw care cream , as this can also have a caring effect on the dog's foot pads, if they has taken minor damage from the road salt.
  • last but not least, we also recommend dog shoes such as " Paws ", which are small balloons. These are disposable dog shoes made of 100% natural rubber. The shoes sit well on the paw and provide maximum freedom of movement, while also being waterproof and providing protection against snow, frost and road salt

Hope you and your best friend(s) get through the winter and remember to keep a close eye on the paws

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Good winter :)

Line Vyk | student scientist in Animal science

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