5 wonderful things about having a dog

5 dejlige ting ved at have hund

5 wonderful things about having a dog

Someone to sleep with

So if you really want your dog in your bed, sleeping with my dog is one of the best things I know. It's just so nice to lie down and cuddle and dogs also keep you nice and warm if you're cold and it's just like sleeping with a teddy bear.

Out for a walk

When you have a dog, you have to go for a walk with your dog. But it's one of the things that your dog loves to do, because then they get out and can smell everything and greet everyone you meet, and it's good exercise for both you and your dog, and it's also so cozy, when you maybe sit down and see your dog come up and sit with you and after you have walked your dog, they are much happier.

You always have someone to be with

It's always nice to sit in front of the TV, but with a dog by your side, it's just a million times better and if you want someone to play with, you always have it. And if you are going on a driving holiday, you can take the dog with you. But when you have a dog with you on the trip, it just makes everything better.

When you get home

When you come home, you are always greeted by a happy dog who is in overdrive and has just missed you as if you were gone for millions of years on some journey, but now you are here and if you have a of the dogs who can also smile, your day just gets a lot better than it was before now, and if you had a fantastic day, it just makes the day better and now you can have fun with your woofer.

When you are sad

When you are sad, your dog can feel it and he wants you to be happy again, so your dog licks you all over the face and it just means that your dog loves you more than you know because he has unimaginable amounts of love to you and it also gets upset when you are upset.

Can only say, I love having a dog.

Yours sincerely

Julius - School intern Skovlunde

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