Take care of your dog and corn on the cob during barbecue season

Pas på din hund og majskolber i grillsæsonen

Now the barbecue season has started and both you and your four-legged friend probably love corn on the cob packed with butter and salt, which in itself is not very healthy. What you have to be very careful about is the flask itself, because it cannot be digested in the dog's stomach and can therefore get stuck in the intestinal system.

And that's exactly what happened to one of our sweet and kind dog owners who almost lost their dog this weekend when it couldn't get rid of its poop and was so affected by it that they wisely choose to walk to their vet.

The vet believes that there is probably a piece of ball or something stuck somewhere that formed a plug - and he was right about that too. Regardless, this story fortunately ends happily.

They were lucky it didn't end in surgery, which can easily happen when your dog has eaten corn on the cob. Because the lucky thing happens when they are about to leave the vet, the owner lifts his dog off the vet's table and onto the floor. And here there is such a pressure on the dog's large and bloated stomach from the lift and that should prove to be enough in this case, as brown smelly water now sprayed out of the dog's butt, and yes a piece of corn on the cob.

After this, the dog quickly recovered. The doctor said that now that it was barbecue season, they knew that many dogs came with constipation due to indigestible corn on the cob, so if you want to give your dog corn, remember to cut it off the cob and throw it away (if your dog tends to eat from your bin, remember to throw it out, somewhere the dog can't get to the corn cobs) - it can be deadly dangerous to give them the whole cob.

Because as this story tells, it doesn't take much, it was actually only a small piece of corn on the cob that had gotten stuck in the dog's intestinal system, so no, don't just give the dog a little bit either - it can go wrong and there are so many other things good things you can give your dog :-)

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Yours sincerely

Katja N-Masters

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