Dog harness - How to choose the right one

Hundesele - Sådan vælger du den rigtige
Yes.. It can be difficult to choose which dog harness is best for your dog, both one that fits and that fits the way you "use" your dog - here we are thinking about whether it is dog training, a walk or what you now do with your dog.

We are asked about this every day, as we are constantly selling dog harnesses for many different types of dogs, and therefore we naturally also agreed to make a small film about how to choose the right dog harness for your dog.

Video guide on how to choose the right one

Then at we just had a visit from Johanne Hauch Jensen from They wanted to make a video feature about dog harnesses for dogs and therefore they went to the best ;-) namely here with us . It is Bettina Kærgaard who explains which dog harness to choose. You can see our selection here, should you be looking for a good dog harness for your puppy or adult dog: click here to see our dog harnesses

Who is

They are Denmark's new dog training portal for all dog lovers. What they do is collect a large number of video clips that can inspire you for dog training and activating your dog in everyday life. DogCoach is for all dog owners who want to be inspired and learn more about dog training, behavior and exercise. A supplement to your weekly dog training with some like us, ( read more here about our dog training ) they are also aimed at those who find it difficult to find time for weekly training classes at a dog school, here DogCoach can be an alternative to training at home .


Watch the video here - and please give Bettina some praise in the comments section for her efforts, it's the first time she's done this and only with a few hours' notice :-)

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