What do you do about fleas?

Hvad gør man ved lopper ?
Most people who have pets know fleas and they can be difficult to get rid of if you don't do it right... But if you follow these tips, there is a 99% chance that you will get rid of "your" fleas once and for all .

In order to treat and prevent fleas, it is important to know a little about them and their life cycle.

Life cycle
Fleas go through four stages: Egg -> larva -> pupa -> adult. The eggs are laid on the dog, but usually fall quickly to the ground/floor. The eggs hatch into larvae, which after approx. one to two weeks will start spinning cocoons. After another one to two weeks, they will pupate and develop into adult fleas.

Which means it is not enough to only treat your pet, you must also ensure that the rest of your home is exposed/treated with the agent you choose to use.

If you use Frontline or Bayvantic will a dog / cat with its movements around the house, ensure that the agent is distributed in the house, as it binds to the animal's wall / fat / bark and falls off, which the fleas are then exposed to.

To prevent a flea infection, it is important to vacuum thoroughly. Especially along crevices, corners, on carpets and on upholstered furniture. Check your dog regularly for fleas. Fleas can be difficult to spot, especially on dogs with dark fur. Use possibly a fine-toothed comb, and notice if there are small dark lumps in the fur or where the dog sleeps. These are clumps of digested blood... or "flea dirt". Place it on a piece of paper towel and add water. If it is from fleas, it will be red.

There are several different types of treatments. Contact your vet or visit Osmedkæledyr.dk to find out more about the different forms of treatment. Each treatment usually affects the flea in one of its four stages. Therefore, it is important to supplement with thorough cleaning of the places where it stays.

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