My dog is overweight (also applies to cats)

Min hund er overvægtig (gælder også katte)
Just like for humans, it is important for a dog not to be overweight.

An overweight dog has a poorer quality of life and lives a shorter life. In addition, overweight dogs are not as resistant to diseases. It is important that, throughout the dog's life, you adapt the dog's food to its age, weight and breed. When the dog is very small, it is important to choose puppy food that is correctly balanced to achieve optimal bone development and fluid. After this, you can switch to adult food , which is better for the dog when it reaches approx. 1 year.

Therefore, keep a close eye on your dog's weight.

It can be difficult to judge whether a dog is overweight.

You should be able to feel its ribs when you run your hand down the sides of its body. They just must not be directly visible. And it must have a waist in front of its hips.

Why does a dog become overweight?
There is a very simple reason why most dogs are overweight: Overfeeding.

The dog begs at the dinner table and sends sad eyes to the family. It can be difficult to ignore, so maybe it gets a steak or leftovers every now and then, or the dog gets a lot of treats as a reward because "the dog will be so happy".

If you want a healthy and fit dog, it is important to teach it to settle for less.

Here are some tips:
  • Give the dog two meals a day. However, puppies should get three meals a day.
  • Follow the feeding instructions on the bag. Don't refill the bowl every time it's full.
  • Never feed the dog at/from the dinner table.
  • Don't give too many treats. They are far more fattening than ordinary dog food.
  • Make sure the dog gets enough exercise... ie several walks daily.
  • Give any dog weight control food.
However, always consult your veterinarian. Veterinarians are experts in proper pet nutrition.

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Katja N-Masters | Osmedkæ

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