Did you know that - Dogs are born without teeth?

Vidste du at - Hunde fødes uden tænder?

Did you know that..
Are dogs born without teeth? After approx. At 3-4 weeks, the milk teeth start to erupt. The dog gets a total of 28 baby teeth, and this generally applies to all dog breeds, including the small dogs, which is why they often have "space problems" in their mouths. Dogs have two sets of teeth just like us, first they get a set of milk teeth and then a set of "adult" teeth.

When the dog is 12 weeks old, it begins to lose its milk teeth, which are replaced by permanent teeth, the very itchy gums continue until they are about 24 weeks old, when they now have about 42 "adult" teeth. If the dog loses or breaks a tooth, a new one will not come.

So take good care of your dog's bites, just like you take care of your own!

Food for your puppy
Puppy food is an important part when we talk about your dog's teeth. It is important to be able to trust that the puppy food you offer your dog is 100% safe. It is of great importance that the puppy food you use is made from good raw materials, puppies need good raw materials so they can get energy for their fast-growing bodies. There is a sea of food for puppies on the market and most meet the minimum requirements of the law. If you look at the contents, however, the quality of the raw materials is often very fluctuating. Follow the link and see the list of puppy food we recommend.
You can also look into one of our many shops that are members of Osmedkæledyr.dk . When the dog gets bigger, it needs completely different things, so the feed must be changed when she is grown.

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