My dog/cat has got fleas!

Min hund/kat har fået lopper!

Dogs can hardly avoid getting fleas.
Yes, it is difficult to avoid fleas all your life if you are a dog or cat. So that's why most people who have or have had a dog or cat have also met this little guy "the flea" ... Not a guy we're happy with either as a dog, cat or human. You can't really say anything good about having fleas either, it itches and they don't really have any purpose other than to survive and multiply - which is something they are really good at.

However, there is plenty of help available, so if you have fleas you can quickly get rid of them: click here to find products for fighting and preventing fleas

What is a "flea"?
Fleas are insects that suck blood from dogs and cats - and humans :-( On dogs, a few fleas quickly become more: The female flea lays up to 15 eggs per day in the dog's fur. The eggs hatch and pupate in carpets, dog baskets and other places where the dog stays.

Fleas can cause allergies
Dogs can develop allergies to fleas that cause hair loss and other ailments. The most common cause of skin problems in dogs is actually fleas.

Itching is the most common symptom of dogs having fleas. In particular, you can see that the hind leg is moved in a quick movement up towards the lower back.

To be on the safe side, you can comb the dog with a flea comb over a piece of white paper - then you can clearly see the black flea excrement or live fleas.

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What can I do if my dog ​​or cat has fleas?
Osmedkæ has several different effective means against fleas on dogs and cats, click here to see them all . We spend just a little time explaining a little about the most used in Denmark.

Frontline fights both fleas and their larvae.
Frontline is one of the most well-known and if you use it correctly and supplement the treatment with a thorough cleaning/vacuuming, as "loose" flea eggs can survive for a long time depending on temperature and humidity, then with Frontline you are also very sure that Mr & Mrs loppe finds another place to live - Frontline is dosed in small, practical applicators which are easy to open.

Spread the liquid on the skin between the dog's shoulder blades (where the dog cannot lick it off).

It is important to use the entire dose at once. It is also important that the liquid comes into contact with the skin and not just the fur.

It is thus recommended to make a "parting" in the fur if it is very thick. Avoid touching the dog on the treated area until it is dry. Wait 24 hours before bathing your dog - or letting it swim.

If both dogs and cats live in the home, the cat should also be treated for fleas. Frontline makes various products for cats and dogs. Chemically, the products are very similar, but there is a difference in the amounts of the various ingredients. Therefore, you must use the cat medicine for cats and the dog medicine for dogs.

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Bayvantic Vet both fights and prevents fleas and ticks.
In addition to Frontline, which makes products for both dogs and cats, we carry Bayvantic Vet, which fights and prevents fleas and ticks, specifically for dogs.

Bayvantic Vet is available in doses for dogs under 4 kg, 4-10, 10-25 and 25-40 kg.

Fleas on dogs die within 1 day after treatment. One treatment prevents further flea infestations for 4 weeks. Possibly. ticks should be removed manually before treatment with Bayvantic Vet.

It is recommended to supplement with a treatment against tapeworms, as fleas can infect dogs with tapeworms. Click here to view Bayvantic Vet's products

Garlic against bloodsuckers
Yes, it fits, for the prevention of flea infestation we definitely recommend Pet-Gourmet's garlic for dogs and other animals.

In addition to scaring away blood-sucking insects, the garlic product prevents hair loss. Click here to view Pet-Gourmet's garlic products

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