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Hvor kæledyr ville handle deres hundefoder -
It doesn't matter what type of dog food you choose here. It depends on whether the dog is a puppy, adult or old. If it is a puppy, it is important to buy the rightpuppy food and it must also be adult food for the slightly older dogs.

In addition, the optimal dog food depends on the breed, i.e. whether it is small, medium or large dogs. Osmedkæ has made it easy for you to buydog ​​food , as we have categorized the many different products according to different properties, size, age etc.

The activity level is very important for the type of dog food you should choose. A very active dog needs a lot of energy.

At Osmedkæ we have both dog food for active and less active dogs. We also have a wide range of specially made dog food , for example for dogs with stomach, fur or dental problems.

Dog food in a bag or in a can?
It is possible to get dry and wet dog food, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Wet food, which is canned dog food, is typically more appealing to the dog than dry food.

If a dog needs to be fattened up, wet dog food is thus a good alternative. However, a dog is made to chew on bones and will invariably have problems with its teeth if it only gets tinned food.

Meat bones and dry food can prevent problems with tartar. For example, you can mixwet food anddry food .

It is important that the food pellet is the right size so that the dog does not swallow it. Small, pregnant and lactating dogs need more easily digestible dog food, i.e. smaller feed pellets. Regardless of which type you choose, at Osmedkæ you are guaranteed high-quality dog ​​food: Dog food that is formulated so that the dog's immune system and mobility are strengthened with clinically documented antioxidants and fish oil.

Cover up for dog food
We carry a wide range of food bowls made of steel, ceramic or plastic. The bowls are typically available individually or in sets for water and food. We have, among other things, bowls with elevations at the bottom, which means that the dog does not splash as much with either the water or food. It minimizes the need for cleaning, just as it is good for the dog's digestion that it is forced to eat slowly. When dosing dog food, you should not give more than the dog can eat in one sitting.

Who are we?
Osmedkæ is a webshop that is passionate about the well-being of animals. We want our customers to choose quality dog ​​food over discount products that are unhealthy for the dog in the long run. In addition to selling to private individuals, we help vets and other retailers of dog food with online trading.

Contact us at info@ Osmedkæ or on phone 5353 2929 if you want to know more about our business or have questions about our products.

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