How do I optimally arrange a Hamster cage?

Hamsterbur med optimal indretning

Hamster cage with optimal interior design - At Osmedkæ you will find a hamster cage that has been designed with the greatest possible consideration for the animal's well-being. We have cages that are easy to take apart and clean. You can get all kinds of accessories for your hamster cage, e.g. a tunnel so that your hamster can enjoy itself in accordance with its nature. A tunnel system for a hamster cage can be expanded as needed with new links.

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In addition to tunnel systems, we carry popular hammocks, swings, suspension bridges, balls and rollers. In addition, of course, we have a wide selection of the classic hamster wheel, which today is available in many modern variants.

A hamster cage must not be too large - otherwise the hamster will become uneasy. A hamster cage with a door on the side is a good idea, as the rodent can panic when you capture it from above (just like a bird of prey).

Hamster cage made of timber or shell?
There are advantages and disadvantages to the different types of cages. A hamster cage with bars ensures good ventilation. The hamster has the opportunity to climb around the cage, and you can use the bars to hang various accessories: Hammocks, houses, etc. The disadvantage of the bars is that the bedding falls out, which requires more cleaning around the cage.

Shall cages, on the other hand, keep the straw in, so you don't have to sweep around the cage every day. However, it can be a little more difficult to mount the drinking bottle and other accessories in a shell cage. From Rody, we carry the smart hamster cage that keeps the bottom cover in, in the colors red, lime, blue and pink. The cage includes a platform, a wheel, a food bowl and a drinking bottle.

It is possible to get a hamster cage with an extra high bottom edge, which holds the bedding, i.a. from Criceti.

Outdoor hamster cage
In the summer, your hamster can enjoy a run on the lawn. This is a simple, often hexagonal, enclosure of beams. Osmedkæ has runs for small rodents, with and without nets and accessories such as e.g. housings and wheels. Click here to see our selection of running yards

A hamster cage can be decorated in countless ways, both indoors and outdoors. There are wooden hamster houses that resemble human houses, or small nests that resemble the hamster's natural domicile. There are also stylish hamster homes made of willow.

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