10 good reasons to get a dog

10 gode grunde til at få en hund

Are you one of the many Danes who are considering acquiring a new best friend with four legs and a wagging tail? Then you are not alone, and there are many good reasons to get a dog. Dog owners are happier, safer and healthier.

Dog owners have less risk of allergies

Unfortunately, it is an old saying that dogs increase the chance of allergies. The vast majority of studies agree on the complete opposite. If you have a dog in the family, when you have children, the children have significantly less chance of developing allergies later in life than children in homes without dogs.

Dog owners get more exercise and fresh air

A dog needs to be ventilated, exercised and stimulated - and it can't do that without its best friend: you. When a dog needs to be ventilated a minimum of 3 times a day, this means that you will also be walking or running 3 times a day.

Dog owners have better mental health

It is not only the physical health that is improved by having a dog. Mental health also wins on several parameters. A study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that dog owners are generally more well-adjusted, happier and healthier than people without dogs.

Dog owners laugh more

A study in Society & Animals from 2015 shows that dog owners laugh and laugh more on average than people without dogs. The reason may be that dogs make us happy just by their company and that they do funny and crazy things that bring a smile to our face. Laughter makes us live longer, so that's definitely a good reason to get a dog.

Dog owners are more social

Dogs are both cute and funny, and they usually love other people and dogs. It is not only in dog parks and dog forests that you get to talk to other dog owners. It's also when you meet other dog owners who are walking their dogs, or when a child with the biggest smile on their face asks permission to pet your dog.

Dog owners have better self-esteem

A dog is one of the most faithful things you can imagine. It is a friend who always waits for you with a wagging tail and gives you love and care. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that a dog also provides better self-esteem. The research agrees. A study by the American Psychological Association from 2001 shows that dog owners quickly gain a higher self-esteem than people without a dog.

Dog owners feel more secure

Another thing that was shown in the study by the American Psychological Association is that people with dogs are less afraid of crime, such as burglary and robbery. The barking of a dog typically has a deterrent effect on intruders, so there is good reason to feel more secure.

Dog owners are happier

If you've ever had a dog, you know that they bring a definite joy to the family. In fact, they quickly become an integrated family member with fixed routines and quirky habits. You bond with your dog and create a relationship filled with love. A study from Azabu University in Japan shows that you as a dog owner release the hormone oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone, when you interact with your dog. It is the same hormone that is released in the body when you kiss your partner or hug your children.

Dog owners are less lonely

Your dog is there when you get up, when you get home from work, and when you wake up with nightmares at night. Especially for you who live alone, you will experience less feeling of loneliness, as there is constant life in the home with a dog. There is one to snuggle with on the sofa on Sunday evening and one to go to the beach with when the weather is good.

Dog owners are less bored

With a dog there is always something to do - even if your boyfriend is at work, the children are at school and your best friend is on holiday. Go for a walk in the forest, swim at the beach or meet other dog owners in the package. It can also be fun just to practice commands or to throw sticks in the garden. Likewise, your children always have something to do and someone to play with if creativity fails.

A dog is for life

As you can see, there are many good reasons to get a dog. But there are also many things to consider. A dog should not be an impulse purchase. Depending on the breed, dogs with the right care and the right dog food can live between 10 and 20 years, and it is thus an acquisition that will last for many years. You quickly find out that you become your dog's everything, and you shouldn't just buy a dog to get rid of it when it gets boring. Instead, spend time finding the breed of dog that best fits into your family in terms of need for exercise and stimuli, fur care and personality.

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